Monday, 28 April 2014

"Carrie of Match Foster Care"

Monday May 19th

Could you make a difference to a child's life? Carrie of Match Foster Care gave us a very informative & moving talk on the process and rewards of being a foster parent. We also had the WI Resolutions discussion, which was a unanimous YES to try and increase organ donation. Members also brought along "Bottles & Jars" to be sold on our Table-Top.

History of Hurley WI - Cancelled due to ill health

Monday May 19th

Unfortunately our talk on the History of Hurley WI has had to be cancelled due to ill health. We wish Edna Pearson & Dorothy Swaddle a full recovery.
We have made arrangements for a new speaker, please see further posts.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Great Social Evening at Capello's, Atherstone

Monday April 28th

10 members of Hurley WI  met up for a delicious meal and social evening at Capello's in Atherstone. The presentation of the food was excellent as was the service. We will definitely be visiting again!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Silk Painting with Clive Garner

Monday 7th April 2014

We had an extremely interesting talk and demonstration on the art of painting on silk by Clive Garner of the Guild of Silk Painters. He started off by drawing an outline on the canvas to stop the paint bleeding along the silk threads. One cocoon will provide up to a mile of silk. Silk was discovered in China over 5000 years ago, approx 3000 BC. The size of picture that Clive was painting would take up to 8 hours to complete, he would then steam it to set the paint. This is called "fixing" and the canvas is rolled up in plain paper and put in to something similar to a vegetable steamer for approx one and half hours.
Clive also bought some beautiful items for our members to purchase: scarves, necklaces, cards, pictures and vases.
There were only two entries in our Easter competition! So they both received a prize for their efforts. The raffle was won by Janet R. Refreshments were supplied by Jenny.
A very enjoyable and informative evening.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Zumba Taster Class!

Monday March 17th 2014

This time we decided to do something a little more energetic! Lots of people wonder what Zumba is all about but perhaps are a little scared to go to a class. So this gave us a chance to have a go and see if we can actually do it. And Yes - some of us can!

Simon - A Trained Chocolatier

Monday February 17th 2014

Simon, a trained Chocolatier joined us after some of us saw him at Fillongley WI. He demonstrated how to melt and then temper the chocolate and made us some truffles. The smell was divine and the chocolate delicious! He also had lots of products to sell - which many members bought!

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Monday January 20th 2014

Helen and Sharon organised a "Wine and Cheese Tasting" evening for us. We had to try all of the cheeses and taste the wines then see if we could guess what they were and where they were from. Alison won - guessing ALL of the wines and most of the cheeses!!!! Members had the chance to purchase any of the wine that was left.

Xmas Celebrations

Monday December 16th 2013

After two years of Carol Singing, this year we decided to do something different! So all the members of Hurley WI went out for a celebratory Christmas meal. We went to The Rose at Baxterley, the food and service was excellent but most of all we all had a really enjoyable evening. All our members received a Christmas Card and Favour from the Committee of Hurley WI.

Janelle of The Body Shop

Monday November 18th 2013

Janelle talked to us about how the Body Shop started with Dame Anita Roddick and has now become a worlwide store. She explained about their policy on animal testing. We tried some of the products, there were some to purchase on the evening and also a catalogue we could order from in time for Christmas!

Annual Meeting

Monday October 21st 2013

Our 2nd Annual Meeting was held where our Committee for Hurley WI was re-elected.

Lorraine Harding - The Art of Spinning

Monday September 16th 2013

Lorraine Harding joined us with her spinning wheel and showed us how to spin wool from the fleece. She explained the different types and textures of wool that you get from different fleeces. Some of our members also had a go at spinning the wool using the spinning wheel.

Fowlers of Earlswood

Monday August 19th 2013

We had a great evening sampling all the different cheeses that Mr Fowler brought. "Fowlers of Earlswood" is the oldest family run cheese-making business in England. He told us how the business started and the generations of the family that have run it and worked there. We had lots to try from Warwickshire Truckle, Soft Bard, Sage Derby, Real Ale & Mustard and many more....... There was also the chance to purchase the cheeses which most of the members did and took more than one home!

Glynis Gayton of W H Gayton & Sons Bakery

Monday July 15th 2013

This was a most enjoyable evening listening to Glynis Gayton of W H Gayton & Sons Bakery in Grendon. Glynis told us all about how the bakery started, when she worked there as a young girl up until just a few years ago. She told us about her family who continue to run it to this day. Glynis is a lovely local lady and had many funny stories, she also had some sad ones which gave us a better understanding of her life. She bought lots of bread to show us and donated it all to our raffle for our members to win.

Soap Making with Val Maund

Monday June 17th 2013

Val Maund from Atherstone Craft Centre gave us a talk and demonstration in the art of "soap making". Starting from the plain bar of soap to adding colours and scents. Afterwards we all had the opportunity to have a go ourselves and take home our "product"!

Resolutions Discussion

Monday May 20th 2013

On this evening we had our Resolutions Discussion. Items that will go forward for the WI members to vote on for a campaign. We had some wonderful produce donated by Paul Dawson (Sharons husband!) from Farmer Dawsons for us to sample. We had lots of different flavours of  their ice cream to try and take home. And very nice it was too!

Ohhso Holistic

Monday April 15th 2013

Jackie Stratford from Ohhso holistic based in Baddesley joined us, giving us a talk on massage and therapy using creams and scented water. All the products she used were made on the premises and all our members had the chance to purchase at the end.

Twycross Zoo

Monday March 18th 2013

We had an extremely interesting and informative talk from Twycross Zoo, the World Primate Centre. We were told how the Zoo began with the work of Molly Badham to the present day. We remembered the Chimps Tea Parties and the PG Tips adverts! Today their work is towards conservation of the primates that are in constant danger from poachers. We were also shown some very harrowing images of what happens to some of the animals and some of the babies that are left orphaned. It was a very enjoyable evening and opened our eyes to the great work that is done by Twycross Zoo.

Crazy Mary Crafts

Monday February 18th 2013

Crazy Mary, one of our Hurley WI members, joined us for the second time as our speaker. This time we all had a go at making a greetings card with a denim, decorated insert. The denim comes from lots of old pairs of jeans, all different shades and cut into small squares. We decorated the denim with braid, stars & sequins and them attached them to a greetings card. All our ladies enjoyed the hands-on evening and all went home with a handmade card.

Fowlers of Earlswood

Monday January 21st 2013

Unfortunately this meeting was cancelled due to the bad weather!
Mr Fowler was rebooked for August 19th 2013

Christmas Carol Singing!

Monday December 17th 2012

For the second year running we went carol singing around Hurley village. We were armed with torches, collecting tins and the compulsory Santa hat! We started off by the Post Office and made our way up towards Dexter Lane. People were very generous despite our not so good singing! Afterwards, we had our Xmas celebrations at The Anchor Inn, where members all brought a plate of food for our supper table.

Dawn Sumner - Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Monday November 19th

Dawn Sumner provided us with a very informative talk & demonstration on complementary health care. This included aromatherapy, reflexology and Indian head massage. She told us which oils to use for different ailments and the parts of the body to massage to be effective. Some of our ladies booked personal appointments with her and were extremely impressed and continue to use her.

Annual Meeting

Monday October 15th 2012

Our first Annual Meeting where the Commmittee of Hurley WI was re-elected. We also received a first birthday card from Lynne Stubbings our WI Advisor!