Sunday, 14 October 2012


Monday 17th September 2012

Hurley WI had an evening of magic with Cliff Daniels. He entertained us by demonstrating his magic tricks, he also had some HELP !!!! from some of our members. Here you see our secretary Jane ready to have her head chopped off. At least he provided a bowl to catch the mess. Good Luck Jane - snap the guillotine was pushed down ARE YOU STILL IN ONE PIECE ?!!!! Of course - that's MAGIC.

Wit ' Wills

Monday 12 July 2012

Hurley WI had amusing evening with Steve Evans. Steve has been involved in the legal profession for 30 years. He worked in Atherstone, has also lectured at the college of law and works as a solicitor.

Steve read us extracts from law books which students study, he then gave us a taster of some funny things which people had placed in their wills. He discussed probate and when this document becomes a public document for people to be able to read if they require. This was a light hearted amusing evening enjoyed by all.