Monday, 6 August 2012

History of the Corn Dollies

Monday 18th June 2012

Hurley WI experienced an interesting talk from Judy Marshall about the Corn Dolly and it's history. The Corn Dolly goes back to Pagan Times, it was believed the spirit of the Corn Dolly lived in the corn. People would plait and decorate the corn in different designs, the neck is a symbol of the goose's neck. This is the last head of the corn and was carried high to tell everyone on the farm the corn was gathered safely. The eldest member of the family would then plait the last corn and design a goose's neck. A feast was provided for the family with the meat of a goose. This is where the design of the goose's neck comes from. A very interesting and informative evening. Everybody had the chance to make their own small Corn Dolly!

Free Cycle

Monday 21st May 2012

Angela Jones visited Hurley WI and gave a short talk on FreeCycle. It was an interesting talk regarding the recycling of our unwanted items. They may be junk to us but to someone else it could be treasure! There is a free website where you are able to advertise your unwanted items which can range from something small to something large. All items are advertised as free of change. To log on to FreeCycle all you need to do is google FreeCycle and search for your local branch.